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“I invariably have been enchanted by Lorin's presentations. I have never heard anything quite like them. They involve performance at the piano as part of the talk itself. He is a compelling speaker, and his musical skills speak for themselves. He is able to help listeners contact the deepest part of themselves, claim their spiritual assets, bring them to the surface, and manifest them in their daily life. "Presentation" is too mild a term to describe a Hollander event; it tends to be more of an epiphany than anything else. People are moved and transformed.

“I hope I have conveyed my enthusiasm for what Lorin Hollander has to offer. I have heard hundreds of speakers in my time, and Lorin ranks among the most inspiring, visionary presenters I have ever heard.”

Larry Dossey, MD Executive Editor EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, author of Healing Words


“Lorin Hollander’s missionary zeal has the intensity to light great fires … It is the reverberating after effects that the true impact of his work is realized. What people carry away from Hollander’s inspiration continues to resonate long after the initial striking of the bell.”

Michael Cerveris, former Dean of Fine Arts at Alverno College


"I have had the pleasure and honor to repeatedly invite Lorin Hollander as one of the presenters at international conferences of the International Transpersonal Association. His superb virtuoso performances astonished and electrified our audiences; they consistently represented the highlights of our meetings. Besides being a musician extraordinaire, Lorin has a very unique ability as an accomplished lecturer. He was able to introduce to our audiences the pieces he played in a fascinating and captivating way, showing their relevance to modern consciousness research and to the understanding of the human psyche.

“His last performance at the ITA conference in Palm Springs, CA, in June 2004, when he played Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition together with his lecture describing this composition as reflecting the artist's rite of passage, was a fantastic experience, without any doubt the high point of the meeting.”

Stanislav Grof, MD, Founding President of the International Transpersonal Association


“Superlatives normally used to describe reactions to a performer – extraordinary, wonderful, incredible, fantastic – are simply not enough to reflect the impact that Lorin Hollander made on our campus during his recent visit. He is indeed an extraordinary pianist and a wonderful person to work with. He has an incredible ability to communicate ideas and the lecture/performance was no less than fantastic. But all of these words do little to communicate the feelings, the emotions that Mr. Hollander stirred in all of us.”

Mary D. Griffin, Director of Student Activities at Kennesaw College


“This was no ordinary speech. This [was an] extraordinary moment that will linger in the lives and futures of all who experienced it… Hollander spoke as if he were relating personally to each individual… There were audible gasps of recognition and connection, bursts of laughter, and not a few tears. It became clear that borne of this address was something deeper and greater – a deeply held inner sense of each individual’s giftedness and potential, and an ennobling sense of oneness with humankind.

“I was unprepared for the extraordinary power, daring and creative joy in this life changing address… A rite of passage, a transformation…unprecedented for commencement addresses.”

Kenneth Kiesler, Professor and Director of Orchestras of the University of Michigan


“Lorin Hollander gave a very personal and spiritually powerful performance… His life, music and philosophical discussion were also highlights of his visit. This is a man with decades of experience and a life-sharing power unequaled in today's jet-set musical firmament."

Marty Merkley, Vice President and Director of Programming of Chautauqua Institution


“Working with Lorin Hollander was a transformative experience. He magically wove piano virtuosity, visceral understanding of the creative process and keen observation of the human condition with anecdotes and sage argument to lift the musical veil and reveal the soul of the composer, the psyche of the performer, the heart of the music, and the melody of life.”

Robert Walter, President/Executive Director of the Joseph Campbell Foundation


“Lorin Hollander’s inspiring vision of how music and the presence of wisely trained music mentors will further the health, intellectual capacity, and social responsibility of our schools, businesses, healing, and social agencies offers great hope for the future of our society.”

Dr. Larry Scripp, Director, New England Conservatory Research Center and the Music-in-Education National Consortium


“The Hollander lecture performance was such a treat. The paradigm used to explain Pictures at an Exhibition added new meaning as I listened. Hollander was so wonderful, powerful and sensitive, scholarly and approachable. The entire performance was captivating.”

Gary Spencer, Ph.D. Professor emeritus Syracuse University


“Lorin Hollander’s speech is an inspiration whose echo doesn’t fade.”

Jason Kirk, Lecturer, University of Michigan English Department


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