Lecture Presentations: Experiences which Awaken Creative Vision


"I have heard hundreds of speakers in my time, and Lorin ranks among the most inspiring, visionary presenters I have ever heard."
- Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words

Lorin Hollander brings 50 years as a world-renowned classical pianist and parallel career as a visionary speaker to corporate audiences, university communities and spiritual consciousness gatherings across the US and internationally for presentations which awaken creative vision and illuminate what the human challenge of our time truly is. Hollander was an infant child prodigy who made his Carnegie Hall debut at the age of eleven and has performed with virtually every major symphony orchestra in the world.

As a veteran speaker for over a generation, Lorin Hollander has an innate ability to penetrate diverse fields of knowledge and to articulate the underlying dynamics of creativity to be harnessed at the heart of each. Mr. Hollander has devoted a lifetime to integrating two gifts, presenting multi-disciplined lectures interwoven with performances of deeply inspiring classical music. The profound transformational effect this has on people is born of the organic flow of a lecture imbued with insight, inspiration and vision while interwoven with the heartfelt expression and spiritual beauty of great music.


Presenting and performing at conferences, workshops, and special events, Lorin Hollander speaks on:


  • New paradigms of leadership
  • Stage fright / life fright
  • New orders of creativity
  • Visionary education
  • Global futurism
  • The evolution of human consciousness
  • Survival of consciousness beyond death
  • Spiritual and integral healing
  • Empowering seniors as elders

Lorin Hollander works closely with corporate leaders on the new paradigms of leadership and transformation in the institution. He guides the audience to discover how a commitment to creative collaboration rather than competition empowers synergy and genuine innovation.

"What people carry away from Hollander’s inspiration continues to resonate long after the initial striking of the bell.”
– Michael Cerveris,
former Dean, Alverno College

Lorin Hollander’s speeches are truly more than lectures, they are opportunities for personal transformation. Whatever the institutional interest of the audiences Lorin Hollander speaks to people in ways which awaken abilities not yet taught, not yet named let alone accomplished. Through an entirely different order of communication, and with the performance of music at the piano, Hollander takes us beyond the cognitive and the experiential into the realm of collective wisdom and prophetic creative imagination. Hollander has the ability to bond with a gathering of people in such a way that each has available to them a new possibility for achieving and accomplishing what was previously impossible in their lives and work. Lorin Hollander catalyzes the visionary in every person, he has us touch it, feel it, and learn how it can be unleashed as a labor of love – love for humanity, love for the earth, and love for life.



Music and Planetary Survival
Re-imagining our institutions, empowering creative community
We are living at a crucial and very dangerous time, unprecedented in human history. Investigating the burning question of how we might ground human existence in creative harmony with the rhythms of life. [read more]

Music, Sunflowers, the Cosmos and Me
Nature, Vibration, the Music of the Spheres
The universe is shaped the way it would sound. As the blueprints for ecological revival and planetary transformation – the vibratory patterns underlying the causative principles of the shapes we find in nature are illuminated through an exploration of music. [read more]

Toward the Light – Mystery, Adventure and the Experience of Dying
“If you die before you die you will not die when you die.”
There is little in human existence more relevant to our lives than the inevitable experience of death and dying. Knowing the very real possibility that our dying can be an awesome adventure and time for liberation can utterly transform the way we live our lives. [read more]

We Have Met the Enemy and It is Us
Breaking through our fear of failure, unleashing creative innovation
From concerns about winning the approval of our supervisors and bosses to distinguishing the true nature of what we believe is a critical “other,” this presentation provides access to a breakthrough in creative self-expression. [read more]

The Symphony Conductor – New Paradigms for Leadership
As a metaphor for a new model for leadership, the symphony conductor holds the vision, empowers authentic ownership and full self-expression, awakening creative contribution for the good of all. [read more]

Music, Creativity and Myth – Genius and Madness
The Hero’s Journey of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”
The great creators left evidence, personal chronicles of their mythological journeys expressed in their works of art. This presentation is an initiation into the spiritual heights and emotional depths of a Hero or Heroine’s Journey through music. [read more]

Rites of Passage – Initiation, Wholeness and Creative Leadership
Transforming spiritual bankruptcy in our communities
Young people desperately need rites of passage in their lives, experiences guided by elders wherein our youth undergo what will allow them to reclaim not-yet-recognized aspects of themselves and take leadership in the community. [read more]

For inquiries and booking information, please contact:
Tara Hollander

From Senior to Elder – Singing the Music of the Spheres
Embarking at last on the creative journey of our lives
At a time when many yearn for inspiring new creative endeavors, our ever-growing population of seniors seek a rite-of-passage, enabling them to take their rightful place in wisdom as true elders. [read more]


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