Critical Acclaim for Lorin Hollander's Concert Performances


Hollander's Performance Profound Experience
“It was a voice out of the whirlwind. A musician of profound insight, Hollander's performance was simply the transcendent musical experience of a lifetime - not until afterwards was I fully struck by the ineffable beauty of this performance - it flowed from some hidden core of humanity and spread outward to define and encompass a universe - a blissful eternity, the way Michelangelo sculpted stone."
– San Antonio Express
"One of the most fantastic talents of our time."
– Cincinnati Enquirer


Hollander a Blur of Beauty
"There were cries of 'fantastic' and 'unbelievable' from an incredulous audience that had risen to its feet. To listen to his clean, accurate and dramatic playing is a rare musical experience."
– Toronto Star
"A truly breathtakingly beautiful performance."
– Chicago Tribune
"Masterful, vital and charged with emotion - phenomenal."
"Unbelievably brilliant and fascinating, brilliantly conceived and executed; every nuance was instilled with great poetic depth - a memorable experience."
– De Niewe Dag (Amsterdam)
"Hollander displays dazzling style. A brilliant performance that brought the audience to its feet."
– The New York Times


Pianist Hollander: Awesome Performance
"Inspiring, an astounding accomplishment, an amazing concert."
– Philadelphia Inquirer
"It may sound extravagant, but it’s not beyond the bounds of imagination to say that Hollander’s playing is in the Lisztian tradition. His playing was a revelation of the inner man."
– New York Post
"One of the most important pianists of the generation."
– Haaretz (Israel)


Astonishing Mr. Hollander
“We are in the rarified atmosphere. He caused one of the biggest audience excitements of the season. He is a communicator as well as an astonisher, a positive orgy of coloristic and stylistic abandon."
– The Vancouver Sun
"An exquisite performance."
– The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
"Hollander is one of the truly electrifying personalities of the concert stage; volcanic musical magic, each performance is infused with newer and more remarkable insights than the last. Genius flows; such an absolutely overwhelming performance comes not from mere musicianship, but the inspiration of genius. A spectacular statement of absolute awesome musical intelligence. It was just incredible!"
– San Antonio Express




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