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For over 35 years Lorin Hollander has led Artist in Residence intensives at nearly 350 colleges, universities and conservatories and in numerous communities throughout the world. Campus residencies, lasting several days to a week or more, are designed to fulfill the comprehensive needs of the whole student while preparing them for multidisciplinary work in the real world. In outreach community residencies Hollander works with arts organizations, healthcare and wellness institutions and centers for lifelong learning with the commitment of empowering vibrant community.

Lectures, Symposia & Workshops explore:

  • A multi-cultural understanding of the nature of being human
  • Nurturing the creativity and humanity of our young people
  • Stagefright in performance and everyday life
  • Visionary and transformative education through music
  • Training for effective participation in outreach while embracing the role of leader in the community through music
  • Enlightened mentorship in music
  • Preventing the violent, addictive and suicidal dysfunctions in our youth – addressing spiritual bankruptcy
  • Education of the highly gifted
  • Music and planetary survival – the most urgent issues of our time
  • Music, vibrations and sacred geometry – the causative principles forming nature
  • Music, the divine principle – cosmos and evolving consciousness
  • Survival of consciousness beyond death
  • Music, mythology and mystical revelation
  • Empowering seniors as elders
  • Spiritual and integral healing – music and the brain research
Unleashing the interwoven dimensions of creativity, intuition and vision – the birthright of all human beings – is the core of all residency events. This creates the possibility for lasting personal, artistic and spiritual growth.

Suggested Residency Events:

  • Master classes in music as a metaphor for life
  • Workshops on stagefright, stress and the realities of performing
  • Coaching chamber music
  • Interdisciplinary symposia
  • Lectures and convocations
  • Seminars with teachers and faculty: nurturing creativity and mentorship
  • Forums of inquiry and research into the creative process
  • Lecture/recitals: symphonic weaving of music and ideas
  • University and youth orchestra rehearsals and performances – as conductor and/or soloist
  • Recitals
  • Outreach into the community
For inquiries and more information, please contact:
Tara Hollander

“Classical music reflects the highest reaches of the human soul. It touches the most exquisite, elegant, crystalline structures of creative vision and is imbued with the awesome glory of human emotion. Because of this, it will always live, the way truth has always lived.”


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