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The Mentoring Relationship

The mentoring relationship, as is simply stated in Taoist philosophy, is the giving and receiving of wisdom, and requires profound self-knowledge gained through contemplative self-reflective practice. For mentorship one must discover a way of being, a state of openness or vulnerability from which to relate empathically with the mentored. In this quality of resonant relationship, intuitive knowledge and insight, which did not exist before, are awakened – a revelation not available to either participant alone is born.

Lorin Hollander is available for teaching and mentoring in a variety of settings. These experiences empower a breakthrough in creative self-expression and personal, artistic and professional growth.

  • Master classes
    Transcend playing notes and mastering technical challenges. Find the dance and heartful song which expresses the soul and spirit of humanity in the music.

  • Coaching, Mentoring and Private Lessons
    For students and musicians at all levels including professional coaching.

  • Seminars & Workshops with Teachers and University or College Faculty
    Deepening teacher training and professional development. Programs focusing on the role of teacher as mentor and the mentoring relationship, the importance of the arts and creativity in learning and in the transformation of education.

  • Music Therapy & Music Medicine Symposia
    By accessing the place of vulnerability within the universal experience of emptiness or “primal wound,” discover the underlying dynamics of the communion, sacred joining or spiritual bond wherein a healing relationship becomes possible. Essential for the training of mentors, integral healers and bringing wellness into the public schools, music therapy holds an opportunity recognized worldwide for fulfilling these needs. It also holds an opportunity as a vibrant career for aspiring performing musicians.

"Creativity and Science" biology lab.
  • Life Coaching and Mentoring for the Highly Gifted
    These sessions (by phone) are for students, parents, teachers and others seeking guidance in life issues which include:

    • Gifts and learning differences in young people, talents often unrecognized and misunderstood in educational settings.
    • Stagefright – overcoming physical and psychological difficulties through self-discovery.
    • A new paradigm for understanding the inner world of the highly and profoundly gifted and the relationship this has to what Campbell and Jung understood as the Hero’s Journey as found in the world’s great mythologies.
    • Other dimensions of personal growth and the spiritual journey.


Lorin Hollander: “Enlightened music mentorship and visionary education allow us to access some basic human core of resonance with the underlying potentials in nature and human consciousness.”

- Artistic Advisor and Development Consultant of the New England Conservatory Research Center for Learning through Music and the Music-in-Education National Consortium

Based on his work for more than a generation with hundreds of individual universities and communities, Lorin Hollander has felt compelled to share these discoveries and possibilities with a visionary leading edge music education and research community.


“Stagefright and the Breakthrough to
creative Joy” symposium for dance class.



Conductor’s Retreat at Medomak
Kenneth Kiesler, Founder and Director
As mentor and guest teacher since it’s inception, Lorin Hollander awakens the deepest levels of being human and guides young conductors in embracing the new paradigms of leadership – the empowerment of authentic ownership and creative self-expression of each musician.

“By helping to awaken mindfulness and self-knowledge I am dedicated to encouraging students of all ages to become aware of their unique constellation of gifts, which allow them clarity to choose realistic and fulfilling career paths and moral, ethical spiritual cosmologies for living.”



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