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Towards a Visionary Civilization

Lorin Hollander writes:
“The devastating crises of our time are planetary and unprecedented, and there is growing consensus that nothing short of a global transformation in the very nature of human consciousness has the power to bring forth a re-genesis of civilization. The new, visionary civilization must arise out of masses of people tapping some basic human core of resonance with the underlying potentials in nature, but in a way in which they maintain open access to it. Such abilities would be at once visionary – to see the way only the prophetic few have seen; creative – to ignite genuine innovation; spiritual – to embody deeply humane awakenings; and in tune with all life.”

In his lectures, symposia, consulting, fundraising, personal interactions with people and in his music, Lorin Hollander creates nodes of a visionary civilization - settings in which people can think, experience and synergistically create a human culture on the other side of this planetary crisis. As Hollander speaks and performs, each transient gathering grasps what the human challenge of our time truly is, identifies the barriers and obstacles to facing the challenge and envisions the strategic actions they must take to create a new world.


Visionary Consulting
An access to creative innovation, transformation and possibility


Lorin Hollander serves as advisor and consultant with:

  • Corporate Leaders
  • University Presidents, Deans and Faculty
  • State and Federal Legislatures
  • Boards of Education
  • International, National & Community Arts Organizations
  • Symphony Orchestra Outreach Development
  • Institutes of Consciousness Research
  • Music and Art Festivals
“Your visit to Arizona was the most exciting event in arts education in the past decade. The effect which you had on the Arizona Legislature, the State Board of Education, the Arizona Board of Regents (and 10 other decision-making agencies), has opened up a new dialogue for Arizona arts advocacy. We are grateful for your effective presentations with all of these groups. The Arizona Alliance for Arts Education is working on plans to make your presentations count for the future of Arizona Arts Education. We have a new vitality which will be most effective as we work for an improved arts education climate in our state.”
- Raymond G. Van Diest, Fine Arts Specialist, Arizona Department of Education

Hollander is sought out internationally by institutions and organizations seeking to create new possibilities, visions and missions. He works with groups of various sizes to re-conceptualize and recreate themselves as vehicles for sustainable modalities of progress and growth in business, government and education. Hollander also consults on new paradigms and sources of funding. Where he is brought on board to consult and advise, Lorin Hollander empowers leaders to discover how the visionary in every person can be fostered, implemented and nurtured.


Community Renewal

Young People At-Risk

There are statistics on children and youth between the ages of five and seventeen which do not reach the nightly news, but should. Like proverbial canaries in coal mines, our children are telling us that much is terribly wrong. In the United States alone:

  • Every 5 hours a child commits suicide
  • Every 15 minutes a baby dies
  • Every 1 minute a baby is born to a teen
  • Every 4 minutes a child is arrested for a drug or alcohol related offense
  • Every 9 seconds a child drops out of school
  • Every 4 hours a child dies from abuse or neglect
  • Every 8 minutes a child is arrested for a violent crime
  • Every 1 minute a baby is born to a teen mother


Lorin Hollander with death row  inmates
Lorin performing for
death row prisoners

Underlying Dynamics

These dysfunctions are caused by an attempt to fill, deaden or avoid, in inappropriate ways, a core human experience known in psychology as trauma and in the great spiritual traditions as emptiness, vulnerability, primal wound, shame. We are rarely taught that we, as humans, are born with this primal wound and that the only way our undifferentiated yearning or “thirst for wholeness” can be satisfied is through a creative experience, often in music and the arts, where we surrender our cravings and attachments and “reach for the divine.”


Music, Creative Vision and the Transformation of Education

Music, perhaps most powerfully, enhances the organically interwoven dimensions of creativity, vision and intuition, as it fulfills this undifferentiated yearning and reflects the very core of our beings. Imbued with the awesome glory of human emotion, music is supreme in bringing healing light into our primal void and has the power to significantly curtail and prevent the addictions, suicides and violent dysfunctions suffered by our children.

Too often however, we fail to nurture in our communities, schools and universities the creativity and humanity of young people. The critical importance of music in education is its power to awaken and inspire our children’s creative vision and compassion. In the great music of the world, they can hear, know and experience what is possible for humanity.

It is time for humanity to recognize visionary creativity as a birthright and to foster lifelong visionary education. The challenge is to re-imagine the very nature of education, to inspire creative prophets, poets and visionaries, awakening talents to inspire and transform. Music written of divine contemplation and compassionate solace when deeply appreciated becomes a means for teaching and learning, for liberating people of all ages to open their hearts and imagine a better life for themselves and this planet.


"Lorin Hollander’s vision for music, healing and transformational education and his efforts toward this goal have already brought together organizations such as the New England Conservatory and the University of Southern California in positive steps toward realizing the power of music to reshape the very fabric of our society. Lorin has the unique skills to drive this initiative. He possesses outstanding musicianship, a national reputation, and a fundamental grasp of music’s essential role in education and wellness. It is rare to find such an articulate spokesman and leader with such a depth of understanding of the fundamental issues. I am sure that the goals he articulates can be achieved if we make Lorin’s expertise, excitement and vision available to students and musical communities."
- Dr. Robert Cutietta, Dean, University of Southern California Thornton School of Music

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