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Renowned as an inspired lecturer and teacher, Lorin Hollander is one of our most eloquent and influential artists and philosophers. Organizations such as the National Endowment of the Arts, American Symphony Orchestra League, National Association for Music Education, the US Department of Education among others have chosen Hollander to articulate their objectives and visions not only because of his unique ability as a fundraiser, but also as one who is able to instill an appreciation and understanding for the importance of the arts and arts education in our lives.

Lorin Hollander Writes:
“We are living in a time where the myriad devastating crises facing the planet call for nothing less than a planetary transformation in consciousness – one that many believe is already underway. The burning question is how we might awaken an experience of our world and each other which is ethical, non-exploitative, compassionate and mutually enhancing.”


  A nationally and internationally recognized spokesman for the transformation of education, Mr. Hollander has testified before the US Congress and various State Legislatures as a visionary and advocate for the arts in education.  

For over 35 years, Lorin Hollander has dedicated himself to addressing these issues by articulating the possibilities for visionary and transformative education through music – education which empowers all capacities and modalities of human creative potential. We must learn to cultivate self-reflective, loving and harmonious ways of being in young people, as those of this rising generation must become visionary leaders and global citizens of the new millennium.

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Lorin Hollander explores how music has a vital role in addressing these most urgent issues of our time through its unique abilities to empower visionary creativity and harmonious ways of being, while reflecting the underlying vibratory causative principles of all formation in nature.

With his depth of knowledge and mastery of diverse subjects, Hollander has been called upon to advise such organizations as the Commission On Presidential Scholars, the World Congress on the Gifted and the International Federation of Music Therapy. He served on the Rockefeller Panel – “Arts, Education and Americans,” and has pioneered in lifelong learning, spiritual consciousness and human potential communities. He is also a Fellow of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

Lorin Hollander has been appointed the Artistic Advisor and Development Consultant to the New England Conservatory Research Center for Learning Through Music and the Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC). The Music-in-Education National Consortium represents a network of universities and arts organizations including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, New England Conservatory, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, Florida Atlantic University, Georgia State University, Metropolitan Opera Guild, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro – whose purpose is to bring about an evolution of music teaching and learning.
As Artistic Advisor, Hollander helps guide the development of cross-disciplinary and research-based educational programs illuminating the evolving role of music, musicians and mentors in public schools and community-wide initiatives. Lorin Hollander’s particular vision of how music when taught by enlightened mentors will further the health, intellectual capacity, and social responsibility of our schools, businesses, healing, and social agencies offers our greatest hope for the future of our society.
"Lorin’s vision for the scope of music’s essential role in education and society is profoundly important – an inspiration to us all."
- Larry Scripp, Director, Music-in-Education National Consortium & New England Conservatory Research Center
“I am committed to nurturing the self-expression and creativity of all people and to encouraging their lifelong contribution as creative artists, scientists, mentors, visionaries, and seekers of spiritual truth.”

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